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    About Me

    We understand our world through myths and stories. I understand our world by writing them.

    When I was 7, my teacher sent my poem Red to The Record Searchlight. From then on, I thought of myself as a published writer.


    At UCLA, I studied literature about fascinating people and times, finding true stories even more captivating than fiction. As a teacher in Manhattan Beach, I taught Writer’s Workshop to my second graders and learned to love the process of writing, editing, and producing a finished book. Reading to my own two sons as they grew up, I fell in love with multicultural children’s literature.


    Later, I became a journalist, writing many stories about cool people doing cool things and making the world a better place. I wrote some books, seven to be exact. I began to blog on my favorite topic: how to live a happy and healthy life mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I wanted to use my words to inspire people and help inspire them to live their best lives.


    My current focus is to help empaths through teaching energy writing. Why empaths? They are the new world leaders, and their stories will help us all when they make the choice to write them. My big dream is to hold empath empowerment writing retreats in sacred spaces around the world, and take my work into domestic violence shelters to bring voice to those who have stayed quiet for too long.


    My first DIY online writing course is up now and my first writing retreat in sacred space will take place May 5 - 7, 2023 in mystical Mt. Shasta, California under the Full Flower Moon and during a Lunar Eclipse.