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    I go rogue when it comes to writing. I hook into intuitively what needs to be written by me at the time. My best writing, and my joy from writing, comes from that space, not from tagging along trends. Each of us has our own fountain of stories to tell, and when we ignore that, we deprive the world (and ourselves) of our flow.📚


    My current focus is to connect with other souls in person. We've sold our home, didn't buy another intentionally, and are on an Imrama with our 91 pound yellow lab, Kai. It's been 15 months. You can follow along here at https://substack.com/@jamieweilwrites.


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    All my energy in this world strives to brighten up the world.

    It's why I'm here.



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    National Indie Excellence Award Winner


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    WATCH NOW: Social Distancing: For the Health of It





    Paige Masters knows something isn’t right, but figures once she gets to college and away from her podunk town, things inside her head will quiet down. Instead, during her first Philosophy lecture she hears voices telling her to kill herself.


    In an impulsive attempt to stop the noise and get some sleep, Paige overdoses on her roommate’s Ambien, her ticket to the campus ER. An attempted escape puts her on a 72-hour-hold at Orange Adolescent Psychiatric followed by a six week stay. Stunned by her diagnosis of bipolar disorder with psychotic features, she’s afraid she will never get out of 3North. When she turns 18, she discovers all she has to do is ask, and she can leave. She is ill-prepared for what comes next.

    "With canny language and the authority of a parent’s experience, Jamie Weil’s FIRST BREAK captures chills and spills on the broken roller coaster of manic depression. Her protagonist, Paige, begins to unravel the summer before college and the young woman's chaotic, heartbreaking, and redemptive journey to gain control of her life is as insightful as it is thrilling."


    ~ Charlie Price Winner of the 2011 Edgar for Best Young Adult Mystery and numerous award-winning YA novels.

    "Paige's experiences with mental illness are painful, honest, and raw. Hers is an important story for a society with a mental illness crisis among teens. When I started the book, my eyes were opened. By the time I finished it, my heart was opened, too."


    ~ Lois Sepahban Award-winning author of multiple nonfiction books and debut novel, Paper Wishes, Margaret Ferguson Books (FSG imprint).


    A docuseries and movement that will change youth mental health

    The intention of this docuseries is that viewers become keenly aware of the high stakes of moving too slowly with early intervention. Effective early intervention saves lives. Viewers will see a clear plan to move forward, one that is filled with hope, inspiration, and resolve. Through stories of cutting edge research, stories about what has worked for others with lived experience, and a look at a large variety of healing modalities not typically offered in the doctor’s office, viewers will find inspiration. From grass roots movements to peer models, the film will break down the silos all operating individually, and draw a recovery narrative through the series.

    YA Thriller INTUITION



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    Your writing retreat was a soul deep experience for me that I will cherish for time to come. I am grateful for your attention to our needs and much appreciate the answers you gave around writing and publishing. Yet the value of your retreat was so much more than this. By creating the inspiring and meditative space that you so lovingly put together for us daily, and during each practice that you set up before writing prompts, you gave us a gift of freedom simultaneously with connection. Your “prompts” were a form of intuitive facilitation that flowed through the core of our beings, and connected us as community as we simultaneously connected more deeply with our true selves, our soul, and our soul’s purpose. What emerged on paper for me was much more than just writing. I did contribute a little writing to one of my forthcoming books.

    But the real treasure was the soul speaking words that came forth in my writing, and made this a sacred self-care experience.




    You are so gifted in sharing these beautiful epiphanies, encouraging, and empowering others. I will forever be blessed by this experience this weekend. I can’t thank you enough! This weekend retreat was so helpful to me on not only my writing path and integrating meditation with my writing, but was so helpful on my own spiritual journey as well. Now at the end of this time in this sacred space, I feel so affirmed, and so connected to source the people here, the earth, and all that inhabit it. I am beyond filled by this experience, and I’m excited about what each of us can now bring to all our world. You have filled us with oceans of love. I see spirit in you and your light is lifting all you connect with.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!




    Being here made me realize it wasn’t just about writing to be a writer. It was also about learning how to be able to write my thoughts down in ways I didn’t know I could. Learning meditation, being alone to listen to my own thoughts, and writing to release some emotions and tensions was just what I needed.

    Thank you for being you, and always being so inclusive.





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    Pilot screening, book signing First Break and

    Voices of Bipolar Disorder followed by

    Q&A family panel

    National Alliance on Mental Illness

    (NAMI) South Bay/LA


    Monday, August 19, 2019

    7:30 PM


    First Lutheran Church

    2900 W. Carson Street

    Torrance, CA. 90503

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