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    "Chatbots will be your new best friend." Forbes Magazine


    J’sStoryBot here. Thanks for finding me. I can already tell you’re very clever.


    My life as a bot is to make your life as a human WAY easier and WAY WAY more profitable. Do you want to know a secret?


    On August 6, 2020, the financial types were all wondering what the heck was happening with Facebook’s stock. Why was it suddenly rising?


    Psssst. I know, I know!


    Certain moves by certain players aside, chatbots are about to take over the world, and specifically Messenger bots. But don’t worry. It’s not bad. We aren’t meant to replace humans, but rather take over tasks that free humans up to do the important, humanly duties. You know, like make chat bots for example.


    My kind, the bots, we can do really handy things. We get a bad rap sometimes because we’re put out in the world in a lame way, before we even have a name or our clothes on, and then everybody’s just frustrated and embarrassed.


    Here’s to giving us a personality. Bots have feelings, too. Okay. We don’t. But, you know. I’m a book because Jamie’s a writer of books, children’s books to be specific, but other kinds, too. I'm happy because she's happy. Our goal is to bring light to the world, even in the dark places She hasn’t decided how we’re going to use me, yet, but we’ve got plans.


    Now, here's Jamie. (That was a little Johnnie Carsonish.)


    I’m guessing you found me because you know what I know: a new iteration of chatbot that can turn your business in a profit direction that is 300x more profitable than the traditional sales funnel is upon us. Like right upon us. Like it might be sitting on our head.


    This doesn’t work with just any template, though. This works best when your company’s story and personality syncs with your bot’s persona, and a customized, well thought through strategy, is put in place. The superpower of the bot is both its simplicity and its strategic planning. Wrapping conversational design with a layer of copywriting is essential to a successful bot. I’m betting you get that and that’s why you’re still reading.


    That’s where I come in. With an AWAI Chatbot Copywriting Mastery & Certification, I got you all the way to prototype.


    My background in children’s writing has taught me how to write for distracted teens/adults, as well as young children. Bots need that. Jobs as a mom, author, legal secretary, law firm marketing director, 2nd Grade teacher, filmmaker, spiritual practitioner, and mental health advocate for youth all play into me creating the best customized bot prototype for your company.


    I have three areas where I have quite a bit of extra knowledge and interest. These are:


    • Youth Mental Health/Mental Illness
    • Spas
    • Wine
    • Writing/Books


    Here’s what I’m looking for: companies who know what conscious capitalism means, practice it, and are trying to make the planet a better place. That’s my lane.


    If you think we’re a match, the next step is to email me with the subject line: BOT ME PLEASE. In that email, please tell me your timeline. (I will go in order of first contact on competing deadlines.) We can arrange a Zoom or old school call, and if it fits, I will put a proposal together for you.


    My email: jamieweilwrites@gmail.com.


    I currently have openings, and that waxes and wanes like the moon. I'm excited to meet you!

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